Forever Now

An Aphids project in association with Performance Space, Vitalstatistix

What should art say to infinity? Forever Now is a golden record for the 21st Century, compiled and designed by a cross-disciplinary team of artists and curators.

Forever Now unleashed a 1-year open call for submissions that concluded with the commission of original sound and audiovisual artworks. The content of the record was launched with a screening, concert and digital broadcast at MOFO in January 2015



Project Director: Willoh S.Weiland
Curators: Brian Ritchie, Thea Baumann, Willoh S Weiland
Record Designer / Performer: Susan Cohn
Producer: Erin Milne
Web Design and Programming: Narinda Reeders and Max Wheeler, Icelab
Commercial Innovation Consultant: Tony Bonney, Podium

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