Game Show

The second spectacle in THE COMING OUT performance trilogy
By Tristan Meecham of All The Queens Men and Aphids

Game Show is a show biz spectacle that examines one man’s desperate pursuit of fame and what he is willing to sacrifice for a chance at the big time. As your host Tristan Meecham puts it all up for grabs in his quest to win your adoration. Each night, fifty contestants with no performance experience, compete live on stage for the chance to take home a grand showcase of prizes: the hosts very own possessions!


Conceived by: Tristan Meecham

Created by: Tristan Meecham, Bec Reid, Willoh S Weiland, Elizabeth Dunn, Martyn Coutts, Lara Thoms
Choreography & Community Recruitment Bec Reid
Performed by: Tristan Meecham, Lara Thoms, Elizabeth Dunn, Bec Reid, Jon Campos, Jon Allingham, Willoh S. Weiland

Video interviewees: Georgie Meecham, Joan Meecham, Maurice Meecham, Roger Monk, Jess Murphy

Design: Jonathon Oxlade

Branding & Web Design: Chris More

Lighting: Ben Shaw

Assistant Designer: Yvette Turnball

Costume Maker: Anna Macfarlane

Production Management: Emma O’Brien

System Design & Operation: Nick Roux

Composer: Nick Roux

Additional Sound: Lucia Ilett

Production Assistant: Bek Berger

Aphids Design Intern: Robyn McPherson

Produced by: Freya Waterson (Insite Arts)

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